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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy new years eve!

1.) Stuart Weitzman Heels: Stuart Weitzman  2.) Rolex: Heller Jewelers (the option with the black dial is not available on the site) 

I cannot believe it is the end of 2014!  What a long, crazy, but blessed year it has been! 

Hope you are all enjoying a fun, safe night out!  The two accessories that are a must have for me this New Years Eve are a watch (need to keep an eye on it ;-) ) and a pair of fabulous heels.   I have been eyeing these bad boys for a while and finally decided to make the purchase after Christmas!  These heels are so comfortable!

Unexpectedly, I received a Rolex for Christmas from my husband.  A watch is something every girl should have, it makes a great accessory to any outfit!  Here are some other suggestions for watches:

- Michele:

- Michael Kors:

- Tory Burch:

Thank you for following and looking forward to more posts in 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

burgundy is everything

1.) Dress: Leith 2.) Hat: Topshop  3.) Booties: Nordstrom  4.)  Handbag: YSL (similar here: Nordstrom )  5.) Lipstick: NARS

I guess you could say I am a little obsessed with Burgundy... :)  Burgundy bag, lips, and booties!

We had to take some photos in this outfit as it is the one my 4 year old son loves!  When I asked him what I should wear the other day, he told me to wear this one!  He thinks I look "so pretty" in it so it must not be too bad of a choice... 

The dress is super comfortable and it is double lined so you don't need to worry about anything showing through!  It is the perfect length and goes great with the Sam Edelman booties which show well below the slit in the dress (click on the link about, the booties are on sale).  The Topshop hat fits just right and helps make this outfit a little more casual for a lunch date!

Hope you're enjoying this short week!

Friday, December 26, 2014

day after Christmas

1.) Sweater: TrouvĂ© Fluffy Dolman Sweater  2.) Jeans: rag & bone (similar here: High Rise Skinny Stretch Jeans )  3.) Boots: Uggs

The day after Christmas... is more like a day of cleaning for me!  Even though I tried to tone it down this year, our lucky kids were spoiled by family!  Toys, clothes, puzzles, and games were everywhere as I cleaned this morning.  A cozy outfit and a triple shot of espresso is just what I needed to get me through today.

Heading over to Heller Jewelers shortly to see what I would like to do with my Christmas present... I will keep you all updated :) 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your day whether you choose to relax or go out for some more shopping!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

sparkle is everything

1.) Shirt: Topshop (similar here: Nordstrom )  2.) Pants: Lucy Paris (now on sale! Nordstrom  3.) Shoes: Sam Edelman (now on sale! Nordstrom  4.) Necklace: Marrin Costello (email:  5.) Handbag: YSL (similar here: Nordstrom )

Wow, what a busy holiday season it has been.  Here is a cute outfit that can transition easily from day to night!  The sparkle pants are my favorite and so comfortable!  (Sparkle is everything... and definitely a MUST during the holidays <3 )  I have had these hanging up in my closet for a while and they are now on sale along with the shoes.

The handbag I was unable to find in the specific color I have online, the link will take you to the same size bag.  It is beautiful!!!  When I went to Nordstrom they only received two of this color and weren't receiving any more.

Hope you all are finished with your shopping... 2 more days till Christmas!!!  

(P.S.- Thank you to my good friend Kristy and her husband Brett for finding the time to snap these pics!!!)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

christmas tree preparation

1.) Ornaments: Pottery Barn  2.) Mercury Glass Lights: Anthropologie  3.) Wreath: Hand made (All items are from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores)  4.) Reindeer: Moore's Christmas Trees

To say the past few weeks have been busy would be an understatement!  Currently in the middle of remodeling our house, waiting for new appliances to be hooked up, which has led to us eating out every night, working like crazy, and oh yes... CHRISTMAS IS AROUND THE CORNER!  

On Friday, we rushed to Moore's Christmas Tree lot and found the perfect flocked tree.  It is 10 ft tall and beautiful!  When I purchased lights and ornaments originally, I didn't think our tree would be this large... still on the lookout for adding more ornaments in our color scheme for this year: silver, gold, and white.  Here is what we have completed so far.

The wreath I also purchased at Moore's Christmas Tree lot in Pleasanton, however the ribbon and ornaments are from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  This was my first time making my own wreath... it went fairly well and wasn't too difficult!

As if I haven't raved about this Christmas Tree lot enough, we also purchased the cute little reindeer on the way out.  The kids love him!

Hope your Christmas preparation is going a little smoother than ours... 11 more days till Christmas Day!

christmas shopping in san francisco

1.) Lunch: The Rotunda  2.) Boots: Nordstrom  3.) Ring: Chanel (purchased at Neiman Marcus- no link)

This weekend was a busy, but productive one!  Saturday was spent in San Francisco with my sister-in-law and good friend Ann.  We had a wonderful time!  Lunch at The Rotunda was beautiful, and of course we couldn't resist having a drink or two.  (Thank you for inviting us Ann!)

This super cute Chanel ring was a great purchase!  Anyone looking to find the perfect small gift for someone, this is the one to buy!  Head over to Neiman Marcus in San Francisco as the Chanel store has sold out.  I couldn't decide between this one or a very chunky, blingy ring... I figured I would be able to wear this one much more often.

If you know me, you know that I am always wearing 5 inch heels.  Well, it didn't go over so well with all of the shopping around the city and so I had to give in and purchase these UGGs (the blisters are just not worth it)!  So soft and looking forward to wearing them on the weekends with leggings!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Northstar at Lake Tahoe

1.) Shirt: Nordstrom  2.) Leggings: Nordstrom  3.) Socks: Lululemon  4.) Boots: Nordstrom
5.) Headband: email  6.) Lips: MAC

We're finally on a family vacation!  Enjoying our beautiful stay at the Welk Resorts at Northstar in Lake Tahoe.  "Cool Morning, Hot Coffee..." was the perfect way to start off our first morning here!  Can't wait to see what the rest of our vacation brings...


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