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Friday, December 26, 2014

day after Christmas

1.) Sweater: Trouvé Fluffy Dolman Sweater  2.) Jeans: rag & bone (similar here: High Rise Skinny Stretch Jeans )  3.) Boots: Uggs

The day after Christmas... is more like a day of cleaning for me!  Even though I tried to tone it down this year, our lucky kids were spoiled by family!  Toys, clothes, puzzles, and games were everywhere as I cleaned this morning.  A cozy outfit and a triple shot of espresso is just what I needed to get me through today.

Heading over to Heller Jewelers shortly to see what I would like to do with my Christmas present... I will keep you all updated :) 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your day whether you choose to relax or go out for some more shopping!

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