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Monday, January 12, 2015

makeup monday...

1.) NAKED2 Palette: 'NAKED2' Palette  2.) NAKED Basics: NAKED Basics  3.) NARS Bronzing/Contouring Powder: Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette  4.) Nars blush: Color is Luster  5.) Concealer: MAKE UP FOR EVER Number 5  6.) SHAPE IT: European Wax Center  7.) Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner: Target

Since I have been sick this weekend, it was nice to be able to focus a bit on make up and some of my favorites of the moment!  

1/2.) The NAKED Palettes... I LIVE for them.  They are literally amazing!  The one I use everyday is the NAKED BASICS as it has all light colors.  The NAKED2 Palette has metallic and a bunch of other fun colors you can play with for a night out!

3.) The NARS Bronzing/Contouring Powder is my new go to for each and everyday.  I use it to contour my face and start with the upper most part of my forehead, cheekbones, and sides of nose.  Then I blend with my powder to finish off.

4.) NARS Blush: Loving the Luster color.  I also like the color Orgasm (one of the most popular).

5.) MAKE UP FOR EVER Concealer: After two kids and no sleep... finding the perfect concealer was definitely a PRIORITY on my list.  This one is the best!

6.) SHAPE IT: This is an eyebrow, conditioning serum and has worked wonders for my eyebrows.  Not only does it help them stay in place, it also helps your hair start growing in the same direction!  What a savior this has been...

7.) Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner:  Best $5.00 ever spent!  Go buy it, try it and let me know what you think...

Hope you will check out some of these make up items, if not all of them!  I promise you will not be disappointed :).  Let me know what your favorites are, feel free to comment below!  

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